Friday, February 21, 2014

Vanilla panna cotta - Pineapple Cookies cassette Recipe

This dessert may seem complex, but this simple panna cotta with small cubes of pineapple ( fresh or canned ) , winked into circles and placed between two cookies coated with chocolate. 
Of course you can use any type of cookie and any form you like (including cookies coated almonds that look very nice ) . Please note : It is important to boil the milk mixture and pineapple for a minute at least  that because the pineapple has an enzyme that interferes gelatin act. Alternatively you can use canned pineapple , which has no such of this problem.

Materials 16 Personal Cassette :

32 round biscuit cookies chocolate icing 

Panna cotta :

10 grams ( 1 heaping tablespoon ) gelatin powder
120 ml (1/ 2 cup ) milk
375 ml ( 1 ½ containers ) heavy cream
100 g fresh or canned pineapple cut into small cubes
100 g (1/ 2 cup ) sugar
1 teaspoon paste or vanilla extract


+ Line a 25 cm square size Pattern with plastic wrap (or wrap in plastic wrap square ring and place on a foil -lined baking ) .
+ Prepare the panna cotta : Soak gelatin in 3 tablespoons of milk in a bowl until the gelatin softens .
+ Bring to a boil the remaining milk , cream , pineapple , sugar and cream and vanilla in a medium saucepan . Cook for a minute on high flame and remove from the stove . Add the softened gelatin and stir it all together. Cool it slightly 
+ Pour into freezer and give at least two hours to solidify .
+ Comprise the castes : wink cookie sized circles of panna cotta with cookie cutter. Place on the cookie circle of panna cotta , cover with another cookie and serve. You can also keep in the freezer and take out a quarter of an hour before serving.

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